What tourists should know about london – advice and review

by Rainbowsurfer on 23/08/2010

You don't have to look like a tourist in London

When you come to visit London one of the last things you want to do is stand out looking like a tourist. What you want is some good advice as to what a tourists should know about London

Well continuing our review of the eBook, What Every Tourist Ought To Know About London, here’s a summary on the chapter about what to wear as a tourist in London.

One of the good things about this chapter is that it sums up the difference between London and Paris or Milan in one sentence.

“London’s not Paris or Milan, no one is going to look down at you because of what you’re wearing.” And that about sums up London, you can get away with almost wearing what you want. But as always there are exceptions which the eBook mentions.

For instance it reminds the reader that they should do what they would do in their own country when it rains. At home do you wear a waterproof sheet to walk around the streets, do that in London and you have tourist written all over you, especially if it’s one of the bright yellow ones.

Another favourite of tourists is to wear shorts at the theatre which the eBook advises against.

In the end the advice of the book is to do and wear what you would wear at home. London is the most mixed city in the world with all cultures here. Everyone fits in.

However if you’re still worried about looking like a tourist or want more advice on things that you should know about London. Then you can download a copy of What Every Tourist Ought To Know About London at London deals.

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