How to enjoy London like a Londoner and get their 2 for 1 deals

map of london, london pin mapWouldn’t it be great if when you came to London you could get insider info on things to do and even get a 2 for 1 offer to the theatre?

With so many London travel guidebooks and websites telling you roughly the same thing, we wanted to give you a guide that was different.

Our eGuide, What Every Tourist Ought To Know About London, doesn’t have the usual boring stuff about London.

It easily has some of the best insider info on planning your trip and what to do when you’re here.

Plus to come to London and not see a show is a missed opportunity. So what we’ve done is included a 2 for 1 theatre offer with the guide that’s worth at least £40.

The guide is in 2 parts. The first part is to help you with planning your trip and includes topics such as:

tick yes to london dealsHow to pick a good London hotel.
tick for good london restaurants to chooseWhat to wear so you don’t look like a tourist.
tick for personal london offersHow to get the best exchange rate.

The second part of the guide is about helping you when you’re here in London and has advice on things like:
tick for things to do in londonHow much to tip when in London.
tick for london advice and tipsWhat to do when it rains in London.
tick for a london hotel reportBest way to travel around London.

We’ve spent a lot of time putting the guide together so that it will help you feel more like a Londoner than a tourist.

Also with the 2 for 1 theatre offer ( remember it’s worth at least £40) included you’ll be very surprised how cheap the guide is.

We could have charged £20 for this guide and you’d still be saving money. But we’re not charging £20, not even £10.

It’s been a blast but we’ve now stopped producing the guide.

It’s like having your own personal London travel guide to advise you